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A Podcast discussing cultural preservation in the modern world.

From statues, to music, to cancel culture, to literature- The Intangible focuses on every aspect of modern culture. Through many opinionated guests, The Intangible aims to answer many difficult questions about what aspects of our modern culture we should preserve.

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The Intangible

/inˈtanjəb(ə)l/ - adj

"unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence"

Cultural Preservation is normally discussed in the context of history and ancient archaeological artifacts. But, what about our current culture? What are the controversial aspects of our culture? Do we even want to preserve some parts? These are some of the questions that The Intangible aims to answer through discussions with many special guests!


My name is Nicholas Sikellis

I am currently a high school Junior graduating in 2024. I was born in Boston, before moving to Athens, Shanghai, Munich and finally New Jersey. Last year, I started the Cycladic Preservation Group, which is an organization focused on preserving Greek culture but also raising awareness for cultural preservation worldwide. I started The Intangible to have great (and sometimes controversial) conversations with many opinionated people in the field of modern culture.

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